New Season, New Year, Fresh Start

The calendar turns, the season changes and the Jewish New Year begins. 
And although the trees have barely started turning color, the nights are
getting cooler.   It is the perfect time to take a look inwards.
One thing that I have learned is that if you want something to change
you actually have to make changes.  It sounds so simple in theory and
yet is so much more difficult to put into action.   For me one example
is changes that I wanted to make in my business. There were some pieces
that I did not enjoy making.  So when an order would come in I would
bristle and procrastinate on it. Finally I thought, why am I doing
this?  I can choose to drop those pieces from my line.  Sure, some folks
were disappointed, but the creative energy that got unleashed by making
some new space in my life has more than paid off.   I have come out with
new designs and am currently revamping my web site.
Take advantage of the rush of new energy that the Lunar New Year brings
to renew and reenergize.   You never know where it might lead.  So dip
that apple in some honey for the promise of sweet days ahead.
Happy New Year and Happy Autumn!

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