Who is Beames Designs?


If you think back to those cherished memories of childhood, many of them probably revolve around the holidays, and more specifically around the table with family and friends celebrating the rituals of life.  These meaningful customs involve items that become family heirlooms like Menorahs and Mezuzot and also mark life's important milestones such as Weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.  Here at Beames Designs! we are inspired to create beautiful Judaica that becomes a part of the celebration.

With our jewelry line, we incorporate silver leaf into many of our fused pieces and complement the glass with semi precious gem stones like lapis or turquoise, as well as sterling silver chains and charms.  The array of beautiful, unique jewelry pieces are light and comfortable, easy to wear, affordable, and create an effortless style.   Whether it is Judaica or jewelry, we promise great customer service and all pieces arrive in a gift box with a card explaining the process, ready to give as a gift whether to yourself or someone else.


A note from Sara - I was one of those kids who preferred to spend her time in a pottery studio or creating things with my hands.  In college, I discovered working with glass. Whatever form of glass making I encountered, from cold (stained glass), to hot (blown) or warm (kiln fired), the incredible quality glass had to capture and transmit light truly captivated me.

As a result, I have been creating fused glass for many years, designing and making Jewish Ritual Objects and Home Accessories.  One of the things I love about creating Ritual Objects is knowing that people all over the world are welcoming my pieces into their homes and their families.  With jewelry it is the same feeling of connecting with people, but on an even more personal level, as they wear my creations next to their hearts.

But no one is an island.  So the team comprises 3 of us here in our Hudson Valley, New York studio.
~ Sara, the creative designer and fabricator.
~ Michael, originally from Adelaide, Australia, Quick Books wizard, purchasing agent, head of quality control, shipping and basically the man behind the woman (and yes, he still has that  Aussie accent).
~ Ozzie, the studio mascot and very handsome, long haired Dapple Dachshund.  Although his main job is as kiss collector and laugh inducer, he is an excellent guard dog as well.