7 Fun things to do after a Jewish Wedding

After the frenetic pre-wedding planning and the adrenaline rush of the big day (most likely a whole weekend of events), there are all the functional things to do like getting the dress cleaned, starting on the thank you notes and ordering your wedding photos.  But here are 7 FUN things to do once you are in post-wedding mode:

Relax - most likely this was a super crazy and busy time.  It's time to chill.

Eat leftover cake - Did you even get to eat at the wedding?

Open the presents - This one goes without saying.

Treat yourself to a spa day - It is definitely time to unwind.

Jewish Wedding Break Glass Keepsake Pieces
Get together with friends you were too busy to see pre-wedding - There will be lots of tales to be told.

Look at photos - Check out what everyone has posted on Face Book and emailed to you.

Fill keepsake pieces with shards from your smashed wedding glass - You can choose a functional piece like a Mezuzah, picture frame, vase, menorah or Tzedakah box.  Or a decorative one like a free standing plaque or a copy of your invitation in glass.   Beames Designs pieces make it super easy.  Instant gratification - the bride and groom fill it themselves at home.  No need to send it back to the artist and wait for weeks or months for the finished piece.  Plus there are enough shards from one break glass to fill several pieces.  It is a wonderful reminder of the special day, and don't forget the parents and in-laws, they would love this memento too.  Plus these make great Engagement and Wedding gifts for others.

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